DNA Aconcagua Celebration Dinner Photos

Marshall and I wanted to treat the group to a memorable celebration dinner and, wow, did Pepe set us up right! He talked to his friend, a former guide on Aconcagua, and arranged to have him host the DNA group at his property just outside of Mendoza. As we drove in through olive and peach trees we were greeted to an amazing spread of appetizers set out underneath the stars near his log home. Everyone was in awe of the hand-built adobe wine cellar, grill, and oven. The antique wagon, comfortable furniture and log chairs, pet dogs, and his family all greeted us and added to the ambiance. The long table, complete with chair covers set with – of course – wine glasses, awaited.
The table, awaiting the DNA climbers and local guides (Pepe, Weynie, and Fernando) set next to the log home of a former Aconcagua guide that hosted our celebration dinner.
The hand-built adobe wine cellar was built around/incorporated one of the still growing and producing olive trees on the property, and the stump of another tree served to store and present some of the bottles of Mendoza-area wines that were enjoyed by the group. On the left hand side, a wooden box filled with salt, is used to ripen some of the black olives grown on the property.

The food from the hand-built adobe grill and oven just kept on coming and coming! Empanadas, beef steak, ribs, two kinds of sausages, and more. Sides of fresh vegetables, salads, and breads completed huge, delicious, and satisfying meal. Wine, beer, after dinner drinks, cappuccinos – and dessert – helped everyone to gain back any of the pounds that might have been lost on the mountain!

The DNA Aconcagua 2010 group celebrates a fine climb, good food, and new friends.

It’s hard to say goodbye to such a wonderful a team. But we’re certain that friendships will keep us connected into the future… and onward to putting more dreams in action!
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