TeleTech in High Places With Marshall Ulrich

Mendoza, Argentina – Traditionally an industry leader, TeleTech again reached new heights. On January 18th, 2010 at 2 pm Atlantic Time, three members of Marshall Ulrich’s Dreams in Action (DNA)-TeleTech sponsored team summitted Mount Aconcagua in Argentina.

At 22,831 feet, Aconcagua is the highest peak in the western hemisphere and the highest summit outside of the Himalaya. Rick Newman (CO), Alex Nement (OH), and Michael Hansen (CO) unfurled the TeleTech banner among high summit winds that allowed only 25 people to summit that day. Six other members of the DNA-TeleTech team made a summit bid that day, leaving Camp 3 at over 19,000 feet at 6 am, including TeleTech employee Theresa Daus-Weber from Corporate Headquarters in Englewood, CO. These members reached Independencia at 21, 200 feet (higher than Denali, the highpoint in North America in Alaska) but were turned back by the local guides as there were concerns about how quickly they might be able to summit and return to the high camp before weather conditions worsened, as was forecasted.

Marshall Ulrich, the American DNA guide, said “The entire DNA-TeleTech team can be proud of their achievements on Aconcagua. Each and every member of the group reached a new personal altitude record, some increasing their personal best from just over 14,000 (Colorado Rockies) or 19,360 (Kilimanjaro) to over 21,000 feet. This was a real *team* effort, and I was very impressed with how each individual performed, and how they worked together to ensure that TeleTech reached new heights in South America. My sincere thanks to TeleTech for their support of the climb and to the TeleTech foundation for their support of the Crescere Foundation in Mendoza, Argentina.”

More to come later, including photos.

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