AIDS Orphans Rising: You can help!

Hello all. Please consider purchasing the book written by our friend, Sr. Mary Beth Lloyd, about how YOU can help orphans in Africa, India, and other countries. Go to this site TODAY, Feb 19, and receive many wonderful and valuable materials free, along with your book, AIDS Orphans Rising.

Sister Mary Beth is the mission director for the Religious Teachers Filippini, the organization Marshall and I have been doing fundraising for since 2001. Please… order your copy of the book today.
Here is a message from Sister Mary Beth about her book, Aids Orphan Rising, as well as information about the special book launch.

Good morning everyone…

I’ve just returned from India where the need to help the orphans is indeed rising in unbelievable numbers… we’ve recently opened a new home for the orphans near to Bangalore…it is filled to capacity… one quick story…of some new orphans at our home…

a 5 year old boy I met there…kept doing somersaults in front of me…making us all laugh…the sister in charge told me –that is exactly what he was doing when they rescued him…on the highway of Bangalore! He was doing this trick to raise money for himself and his younger sister!
To help these children I have written the book Aids Orphans Rising
A good friend, Joe Vitale, has gathered many of his friends to help not only the children but you and your friends too!
Today–February 19th if you or anyone you tell to go to this site
and purchase the book will receive many wonderful and valuable materials free…Joe has really gone out of his way to provide a great assortment of wonderful materials from all of his marketing friends to help this cause…

Below is a formal sales letter explaining what we are trying to accomplish for the children.

Thank you and God bless you all.
Sr. MB



Aids Orphans Rising

• Every 14 seconds another child becomes the next
AIDS orphan. By 2010, just 2 years from now,
there will be 25 million AIDS orphans.

• The death of parents from AIDS leaves behind
little children, usually four or five of them who
desperately want to stay together as a family –
as Child Headed Households.

Get the book –AIDS Orphans Rising–
the one-of-a-kind interactive guide that
identifies BOTH the problem and the solutions.

You can get it at:
and if you purchase today, you will receive
thousands of dollars worth of free bonuses.

by Sr. Mary Elizabeth Lloyd, MPF
“Many laughed when I said that we
discovered a way for AIDS Orphans to go to school
and run a profitable business, until they saw the
children’s profit intake!
Take a few minutes to read Aids Orphans Rising
and you will learn how your name can be
synonymous with AIDS orphans succeeding.

Isn’t it unbelievable that every 14 seconds
new AIDS orphans are formed? The death of
parents from AIDS leaves behind little children
usually four or five of them who desperately want
to stay together as a family.

Picture watching your mother and father slowly
die before your eyes leaving you to bury them and
then having to raise and care for your younger
brothers and sisters.

AIDS Orphans Rising will take you through the
daily lives of these children. Is this a sad
story? No, these children want to survive with
their siblings and have a great life. This is
not a story about the usual street kids sniffing
glue and looking for their next hit. This is a
story of families that want to stay together, but
they can’t do it alone.

What you will learn by reading AIDS Orphans
Rising which you can get here:

What is a Child-headed household? How
do they come to be?

Where do they live?

How you can help them get better housing

What do they eat? How you can help them
get enough to eat now…

How you might volunteer to help feed the
little ones…

What type of education do they receive?

How you can help educate them, give them
marketable skills, which will lift them from
poverty, at this moment…

How you might volunteer to teach them…

All the statistics you could ever want
about HIV/Aids…

What about their health and the health
care they receive?

Adoption possibilities – domestic,
foreign and from a distance…

All the references and internet sites
you could ever want concerning HIV/Aids Orphans…

Volunteer opportunities, not only
educational, feeding and health, but also just
coming to be with the orphans and give them some
needed love…

Each chapter provides internet links to
those working with these children as well as real
solutions and actions that you can take now to
help these children not only survive but succeed.

By 2010, only 2 years from now, there will
be 25 million AIDS orphans. Wow! That would be
25,000,000 children under the age of 18 roaming
the planet without guidance. Start reading AIDS
Orphans Rising today so that you can begin
helping the children today. If good people like
yourself do not reach out to these children so
they can get love, an education and set up in
some profitable enterprise, civilization will
deteriorate to a point that you will not even
recognize it. Take action today to help these
children succeed.”

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