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Crows Don’t Collect Shiny Things, Or . . .

Don’t Allow Yourself to Suffer from Nature Deficit Disorder Many of you may have heard that crows like to collect and hoard shiny things; maybe like some people hoard toilet paper? (Wink wink). While the latter may be true, the … Continue reading

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My 20th Badwater 146

Crossing the finish line in 42 hours, 30 minutes after running 135 miles across blazing hot Death Valley was not a record setting time for me. The iconic Badwater ultramarathon starts at the Badwater basin, the lowest elevation in North … Continue reading

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Halfway around Death Valley National Park

Over 100 degrees, over 200 miles … with 200 miles to go On Monday night, July 30, Marshall and Dave finished day 9 of their Death Valley National Park expedition. I did a rough calculation of the ground they’ve covered … Continue reading

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