Badwater for the women and kids – donate TODAY

We’re off to Death Valley. I will start running Badwater at 10 am tomorrow, Monday July 13. If I’m successful, this will be my 16th Badwater finish (I always continue the full 146 miles to the summit of Mount Whitney) and 22nd time across the Valley. Wish us well, especially my crew, including original Stray Dog Dr. Bob Haugh and good friend Murray Griffin, who once again has traveled over from Essex University, England; and, of course, my wife, Heather. Others will filter in and out to help, as well.

Remember to send YOUR DONATION to the Sisters TODAY!

Religious Teachers Filippini Mission Fund
Re: Marshall Ulrich
455 Western Avenue
Morristown, NJ 07960

The work that they do for the women and kids in Ethiopia, and around the world, is truly amazing. By providing an education – and an opportunity – to those in need they are doing the real work of peace and justice… and YOU CAN HELP!

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