Baffin Island i2P Trek Completed

On Wednesday September 9, 2009 the five amazing Youth Ambassadors and the rest of the i2P team completed their trek across Akshayuk Pass on Baffin Island. Congratulations to the entire team for making the trek in their goal time.

The team finished in South Pang Fjord on the southern coast of Cumberland Peninsula but, due to lots of rain and strong winds, took another boat ride rather than making the two-day trek on foot into the village Pangnirtung.

While the trek may be done, the experience is far from over! Please keep watching the expedition Web site as the team will continue to blog and answer student questions. When they get to Internet access other than through a satellite phone, they will be posting more photos and videos, as well as links to stories in the media about i2P and the amazing Youth Ambassadors.

A huge thanks to all of the sponsor companies, including LEKI and ExOfficio. As Ray said, “The help of awesome companies such as First Air, Gatorade, Iridium and Canada Goose made this expedition possible – please check our sponsor page for more.”

A look back:

After flying to the island and a boat ride from the village for Qikiqtarjuaq to their starting location, the team covered approximately 62 miles on foot in 8 days (Sept 2-9). The trek included bogs, rocks, stream and river crossings, plenty of elevation gain, snow, rock slides, polar bear tracks, arctic hares, plenty of freeze-dried food, laughter, a few tears, mud, ocean tides, and views of Thor and other amazing mountains and formations. Mostly, a great time was had by all and everyone learned a lot: about themselves and the world around them.

As Sandi said about the other Youth Ambassadors (and herself!), “These people were all amazing before we started, but we have all been talking about what we want to do after we get back and everyone wants to do something amazing; even more amazing things. Things we wouldn’t have thought possible before we started. Not everyone is meant to do expeditions but we all have the capability of doing great things. Just find what your passionate about and go for it!”

It’s true, as Ray has set out to prove to youth around the world: what you thought was impossible is, in fact, possible. As Marshall says, you just need to put your Dreams in Action. Discover what you’re made of… it’s more than you think!

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