Get Your Copy of the New Book: Running on Empty

  • Running more than 3,000 miles, crossing 12 states.
  • Logging an average of more than 400 miles a week.
  • Completing the equivalent of 117 marathons in 52.5 days.
  • All at the age of 57.

The whole story is in my new book, which is finally here: Running on Empty: An Ultramarathoner’s Story of Love, Loss, and a Record-Setting Run Across America, now available from AmazonBarnes & NobleBooks-A-Million, and local independent bookstores.

Heather and I have now seen the final product, and we’re thrilled to share it with you. In addition to the text, 23 photos help tell the tale of my 2008 run across the United States.

The message of the book and the metaphor of the run are universal, whether you’re an athlete or not. It’s about facing forward and taking the next step … not flinching when the road gets rough or you miss a turn … finding another way when the bridge you planned to cross has collapsed … doing what you say you’ll do and not letting anything or anyone stop your progress.

Ultimately, it’s about facing the toughest challenges, enduring crushing setbacks, and finding fulfillment in something greater than achievement.

Now, the book’s really here, so we’re ready to run with it!

I’m not one to ask for a lot of favors, but I need your help now: If this book sounds interesting to you, please take a moment to order it today, because pre-orders are critically important in the publishing world. We’ve included some great giveaways, too (keep reading). The book is on sale now and expected to ship on April 14.

Here’s a description from the book’s dust jacket:

A fascinating glimpse inside the mind of an “Endurance King” and the inspirational saga of his run across America.

… Marshall Ulrich is the ultimate extreme athlete. He has run more than one hundred foot races averaging more than 125 miles each, completed twelve expedition-length adventure races, and ascended the Seven Summits (including Mount Everest) all on his first attempt. But his transcontinental run—the equivalent of running two marathons and a 10K every day for nearly two months straight—proved to be his most challenging effort yet. He has said that an average day of running across the United States was the equivalent of his toughest day on Everest.

The dramatic race from San Francisco to New York resulted in Ulrich clocking the third-fastest trans-American crossing to date and set new records in multiple divisions.

In “Running on Empty,” he shares the gritty backstory, including brushes with death, run-ins with the police, and the excruciating punishments he endured at the mercy of his maxed-out body. Ulrich also reaches back nearly thirty years to when the death of the woman he loved drove him to begin running—and his dawning realization that he felt truly alive only when pushed to the limits. …

Here’s why you should pre-order now:

  • You can get one of the first copies of the book, shipped the first day it’s available.
  • Buy 2 or more, and the shipping is free from AmazonBarnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million. The book may also be available for pre-order from your local independent bookstore.
  • If you’re one of the first 20 people to pre-order 3 copies of the book by midnight March 1 [this offer has expired], you’ll get the DVD of the documentary that was filmed during the transcon, Running America (retail value $29.95). Mail us your receipt: here are the instructions so we can send you your free DVD.
  • If you’re among the first 20 to pre-0rder 5 or more copies of the book by midnight March 1 [this offer has expired], you’ll be invited to come celebrate with Heather and me, our friends and family, and the people who helped make Running on Empty happen. You’ll be our guest (pay no admission) to our book launch party/movie screening on April 14 at the Denver Athletic Club, with delicious food and drinks, plus we’re planning lots of great door prizes. Purchase 5 or more copies from any of the retailers, and then follow the directions here. (NOTE: has a three-book maximum for pre-orders, so if you want to buy all five from one place online, you’re better off going to
  • The two people who buy the most copies* before the deadline on March 1 [this offer has expired] will not only be invited to the party, but we’ll comp your airfare, put you up at a luxury hotel while you’re with us, and provide limo service for you to and from the party. And we’ll treat you like royalty at the event. Get details on how to enter here.
  • Last but not least, your help with this will mean the world to me. Pre-orders will largely determine how much support retailers give this book. In other words, your purchase now could mean the difference between a stack of my books getting prominent placement in stores or a few copies shoved onto the shelf.

* Please don’t buy more than you can afford. Not even this party’s worth jeopardizing your financial health.

For my friends in the media—reporters, show hosts, bloggers, and list owners—I’ve made only a few media commitments so far. Do you have a column, show, mailing list, or blog audience? Would you like to do a feature, an interview, or post an excerpt? Please contact my publicist, Lindsay Gordon, to let us know. There’s a ton of material, including photos and stories that didn’t appear in the book.

To everyone who’s been following my progress . . .

Thank you! I’m looking forward to what the rest of 2011 brings and wishing you all the best.


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