Both Feet on the Ground: A Prescription for the Stay At Home Coronavirus Blues

You’re stressed out, tired of looking at the same four walls, drained by the negativity on social media, and exhausted from juggling work with homeschooling and entertaining your kids. No matter your age, location, or financial standing, there is a simple, effective therapy that is abundantly available, and it’s right outside your door.
“Get out and stay out—as often and for as long as you can.”

That’s one of the messages in my new book, Both Feet on the Ground: Reflections from the Outside. You need to unplug, plant your feet firmly in the earth, fill your lungs with clean Both Feet Coverair, and dream of bold and personally compelling outdoor adventures. Of course, for now, your adventures in natural places may be as simple as sitting outside or walking around your neighborhood. But experience has shown me that any time outside can help create physical connections to the natural world that are vital to health of body and soul. Outdoor experiences can put you back in touch with who you are; how resilient, resourceful, and hardy you can be.

While you’re reading, I’ll take you back to bailing hay on the dairy farm of my youth, gasping for air at the top of Mount Everest, running through the searing heat of the Gobi desert, and riding the crest of huge ocean waves off Morocco. More importantly, hopefully you’ll gain some valuable insights from my endeavors, along with useful findings and recommendations from other experts, all organized around themes of earth, air, fire and water.

As one reviewer put it, Both Feet on the Ground asks you to consider the possibilities for your own journeys; encourages you to consider:

  1. How will you find, within your nature/self balance, your necessary grounding and sustenance … your earth element?
  2. How will you, as with your head in the clouds, marshal your own unique daring, acclimation and attitude … your air element?
  3. How will you kindle your own passion and find the perseverance and retreat needed to endure until you succeed the most trying of your challenges … your fire element?
  4. And, how will you grow, in your innermost, deeper being, through renewing your courage, redemption and reflection … diving below the surface of your water element?

Ultimately, I hope you’ll be inspired to find new ways of engaging with these natural elements yourself to experience the healing powers of the outside world.

Stay well.


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