Bragging About the Kids

We know that everyone thinks that *their* kids are the best and, we’re no different! So, I just had to share some great news about Marshall’s kids.

First, Ali, the youngest at 20, got straight As this past semester in college and did a mission to Uganda in December, all while continuing to work 35 hours a week. We’re very proud of her!

Taylor, Marshall’s son who is 26, recently started his own business, Taylor’d Wireless, in Colorado Springs. He’s very excited about this opportunity and we know he’ll be a huge success!

Elaine, Marshall’s oldest at 31, was recently highlighted in an American Physical Society article titled “Profiles in Versatility” about the greening of the physicist. You can check it out at As the article concludes:

It would seem that physicists are distinctly positioned to make the green industry grow. “Some people say this is a renewable energy renaissance,” says Ulrich. “There are so many opportunities to transform our country.” The green revolution “enables so many scientists to contribute to society using the technical skills they have.”

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