Gobi March Stage 5 in About 18 Hours

Just a very quick update tonight, as I just heard from Marshall via phone. It was wonderful to hear his voice!

Team Stray Dogs GoLite finished the long stage in about 18 hours, but Marshall wasn’t sure where they stand in the team competition. However, he said that he was told by RD Mary Gadams that about half of the teams had dropped out of the team competition (remaining members can continue on as individuals). Whether or not the drops included any members of the three teams ahead of the Stray Dogs is unknown but, at worst, it appears that the Stray Dogs remain in fourth place overall in the team competition.

During Stage 4 (remember, the 29-miles took them 11:33 on the 20th) both Mace and Dr. Bob got quite sick – possibly from hot water that was not properly boiled (Marsh had waited for very hot water the evening before, only because he wasn’t that thirsty and waited for hot water to cook with, and did not get sick). Marshall said that they just kind of “hobbled in” to the finish that day. But, of course, they kept going. And, I bet Mace and Dr. Bob didn’t complain, either!
The good news is that both Mace and Dr. Bob are recovered and feeling well. Only a bus ride to Kashgar and a 6 mile stage tomorrow.

Marshall said that the mountain stages, in particular, were absolutely stunning.

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