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Both Feet on the Ground: A Prescription for the Stay At Home Coronavirus Blues

You’re stressed out, tired of looking at the same four walls, drained by the negativity on social media, and exhausted from juggling work with homeschooling and entertaining your kids. No matter your age, location, or financial standing, there is a … Continue reading

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Review of “The Nature Principle” by Richard Louv

Who needs nature? In an age when we rely so much on technology — for finding our way, amusing ourselves during “down time” (is it really down time if we’re staring at a screen?), staying in touch with people, managing our … Continue reading

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Life without lightbulbs: A natural night’s rest

Paleo and primal diets enjoy great popularity today. So do ancient methods of food cultivation and other back-to-our-roots practices. But I wonder if anyone would be willing to try my preindustrial sleep solution? One of the odd things Dave and … Continue reading

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