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Remembering Micah True (1954 – 2012)

Micah and I met back in the mid 1980s at one of the Colorado ultramarathons. With his no-frills attitude about running and his cool name, he caught my attention right away. Both reminded me of the old T.V. western “The … Continue reading

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What if your man wants to do something “crazy”?

You can imagine that being married to someone like me requires a strength of its own, a special brand of emotional endurance. Heather not only puts up with my craziness but embraces it as an essential part of me. Continue reading

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Have one on me: recipe for a healthier holiday drink

Heather and I aren’t crazy calorie counters, but we do pay attention. With other favorites on the menu for Christmas dinner, mixing up a more “virtuous” drink like this means we don’t have to skimp on the butter or cream in the Lobster Newburg. Cheers! Continue reading

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