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Alive in Death Valley: Beyond Badwater

The prize for second hottest place on earth* goes to Death Valley, where the temperature has exceeded 130 degrees during the summer months. What, then, convinces someone to spend time out there, much less run in those conditions? Every July, about … Continue reading

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Vegan diet: Scott Jurek’s secret weapon?

Right after the new year, I received a review copy of a book by a fellow extreme endurance athlete, and although there was a lot to love about it, what stopped me in my tracks was the author’s insistence that … Continue reading

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Have one on me: recipe for a healthier holiday drink

Heather and I aren’t crazy calorie counters, but we do pay attention. With other favorites on the menu for Christmas dinner, mixing up a more “virtuous” drink like this means we don’t have to skimp on the butter or cream in the Lobster Newburg. Cheers! Continue reading

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