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Cool Drink for a Hot Summer: Boost Your Endurance

Last spring, science confirmed what most of us slushie/slurpie/slurry-loving athletes already knew: drinking something icy cold on a hot day can help you exercise longer. The study reported an average increase of about 50 minutes in endurance after drinking a syrup-flavored ice … Continue reading

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Running in the Cold: Nutrition and Hydration

One of the reasons we can still get out there and train in the winter is that a byproduct of running is generating body heat. Yet to do so, you have to have enough calories in the body to keep you warm, and enough fluid in your system to keep the blood moving. Continue reading

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Dehydration in the Sahara Desert

After a lunch of sandwiches, oranges, dates, and tea presented by local organizer and support coordinator, Mohammed, the team continued during the hottest (over 90 degrees F), most uncomfortable part of the day. Jill almost immediately experienced hydration and nutrition problems, so the team decided to take an easier pace. Still, at about 20 miles, in Ray’s words, “she decided to not only hit the wall, but take it out and allow it to fall on top of her.” Continue reading

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