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Are bad knees inevitable?

Hey, Marsh, I have a question. Recently, I was disappointed to learn what has happened to a friend of mine, since we’ve swapped great stories about  running marathons, ultras, etc. through the years. He’s 70 years old, and he explained to me … Continue reading

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Leg Cramps and Foot Numbness

“Any tips on how to avoid leg cramps or foot numbness on long runs?” Continue reading

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Running Injury and Recovery: Aching Quadriceps

“… It has taken months for my lower quads to stop aching when I run. I’ve never had that problem before (I did 146 miles at the Across the Years 72-hour run). They are still not 100%. I am wondering if I tore them down a lot more than I realized during the run. I did take 800mg of ibuprofen at night and in the morning. I have heard that can cause rhabdomyolysis, which breaks down skeletal tissue/muscle. What do you think happened?” Continue reading

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