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Running across America: reflections on my 3rd anniversary

Three years ago on November 4, I finished running across the United States. By happy coincidence, I’m in Manhattan again this coming weekend, about 4 miles from the steps of City Hall, where I stopped in 2008. Like tens of thousands of other runners, I’ll be at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, attending the New York City Marathon expo. The synchronicity of dates and places was completely unplanned, but we’ve decided to turn it into a chance to celebrate and remember this anniversary. Continue reading

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Women in Endurance Sports (Part One)

In the last week alone, we saw 62-year-old U.S. endurance swimmer Diana Nyad stick it out for more than 30 hours after she was stung and partially paralyzed by deadly jellyfish (turns out they were more of a problem than the curious white-tip sharks), and the formidable English runner Lizzy Hawker bust out in a 24-hour run that smashed an 18-year-old world record. This just four weeks after she won the 125-mile Mont Blanc Mountain and Trail race.

No question: if we’re talking endurance, women can hold their own with the men, even kick our butts sometimes. Continue reading

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Meet Ulrich and Yasso: Two Titans of Running, Together in SFO

Stanley finds Livingstone …
Lee surrenders to Grant …
Rolls meets Royce …

And now …

The Mayor of Running hosts the Endurance King: In just 18 days, Bart Yasso and Marshall Ulrich meet up at the San Francisco Marathon expo, where Bart has graciously offered to share his booth space with Marsh, so anyone can come out and see them together. Both of them. At the same time.

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