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Training for Your First 100km

Recently, in preparation for the Kimberley Ultramarathon in Australia, which is coming up on next Friday, 9/2, the folks at RTP asked me to provide advice on how to train for 100km (that’s a little over 62 miles). Especially, they wanted to know, what should someone who’s been running regularly but is working toward their first ultra distance focus on during training? Continue reading

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Cool Drink for a Hot Summer: Boost Your Endurance

Last spring, science confirmed what most of us slushie/slurpie/slurry-loving athletes already knew: drinking something icy cold on a hot day can help you exercise longer. The study reported an average increase of about 50 minutes in endurance after drinking a syrup-flavored ice … Continue reading

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Pulling a Tire: How to Make and Train with a Tire Drag

Using a tire drag is the best form of sport-specific cross-training a runner can do. When you pull a tire, you change the points of resistance and load on your body, and you train your muscles in a way that’s slightly different from your regular running gait. Continue reading

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