Day 6 – Ulrich with i2P Tunisia

The Youth Ambassadors reported that the team has had “an incredible, life-changing experience.” They have pushed their physical and mental limits while learning more about themselves, each other, and water issues. There was a sand storm during the night which, among other things, kept the Youth awake most of the night.

Day 6 started with Connor crawling out of his tent covered in blood… from a bloody nose. Doc Affleck treated Connor, who also had headache, sore throat, congested nose, and stomach cramps, all likely due to the dry air and incredible amount of sand ingested the previous day in the dunes and wind. After breakfast, the team started running with everyone feeling the aches and pains of the past 121.5 miles.

After covering 16 miles across the sand (see photo above) the team stopped for lunch and a quick nap before starting the last 6.2 miles of the day to reach the next camp. The Youth kept busy, kept their mind off the pain, and got to know more about each other by singing songs, reciting poetry, and talking about their favorite ice cream, movies, and books. They reported that the last 3.1 miles were extremely challenging as the road surface was very loose sand and their muscles were “really starting to fall apart.” They made it to camp just as the wind began to really pick up, set up their tents, and finally got some time to relax – and do a live video feed with classrooms around the world. Learning, and sharing, about water issues has been a huge part of the trip and overall experience, as education a key goal for i2P.

As I reported yesterday, Marshall said that plans are to run about another approximately 21.7 miles today (April 24th) and a final 9.3 miles or on Sunday to complete the running portion of the trip. As the Youth said, “Two more days left of running! As painful as this expedition is, we’re loving every minute of it!!!”

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  1. Steeeve says:

    Beautiful, beautiful photo! Great writeups of an experience of a lifetime. Superb job by the participants to keep a positive outlook with the challenge at hand.

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