DNA Aconcagua photos – 1

Today, now that I have a few moments in our room in Mendoza – and have gotten photos from some of the DNA climbers – I wanted to share photos with you.
The DNA group at the start of the climb, at the Horcones glacier trail head/ranger station, by the lake. The group drove up to this trail head from Punta del Inca, and hiked approximately 5 miles to Confluenza.

Malcolm and Reyna, the youth from the Crescere Foundation who joined us on the trek up to Plaza de Mulas base camp on Aconcagua. This is at the trailhead, where they are holding the TeleTech banner.

A first glimpse of the south face of Aconcagua (note: you cannot see the actual summit). The first part of the trek up to Confluenza does have some green grass, flowers, and birds as you hike up the valley along the river/glacier melt from both the Horcones major and minor glaciers.
Here is a photo of hiking in. Yes, the green grass and flowers change to rocks, dirt and dust.

A great photo of Malcolm and Reyna contemplating the beauty of the mountain and the experience of getting to visit Aconcagua. *We* were thrilled to have them join us!!
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