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Since you’ve come here from The Domino Project, you may already know I set some records for running across the United States in 2008, because that was the subject of the short piece I wrote for No Idling.

But you know what else? An average day while I was running those 3,062 miles — doing the equivalent of 117 back-to-back marathons over 52 days — was tougher than summit day on Mt. Everest.

Yep, it required that I set my mind and my body, every day, to get past the fatigue, distractions, injuries, and that voice in my head
telling me to quit — and just do the work.

That said, climbing Mt. Everest was no Sunday picnic, either, though it was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. It’s something I’d dreamed of doing since I was five, imagining what it would be like to be one of those men who “sounds the deeps of his nature” as he climbs to the top of the world.

Want to know what it was like when I finally did it? Now you can peek inside my private journal, which I wrote during my 2004 ascent.

Register below, and instructions for a free download will land in your inbox almost immediately, and then you’ll get a glimpse into the physical and emotional highs and lows, the mental game of getting to the top, and my musings as I pursued a childhood dream. Includes photographs.

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And receive Mt. Everest 2004:
Select Entries from Marshall Ulrich’s Private Journal
(Meditations and Musings on the Greatest Mountain on Earth).

You’ll also get the inside scoop on upcoming expeditions, adventures, running training camps, and book tour events, plus be the first to know about new posts to inspire you, whether you’re an athlete or not, get tips for endurance training, see special offers (we love to give away great outdoorsy stuff), and take advantage of occasional discounts.

Meanwhile, please comment below: what’s your own favorite “do the work” story?



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