Celebrate With Us in Denver!

[This offer has expired.] If you’ve pre-ordered five or more copies of my new book before midnight on March 1, then Heather and I would love to invite you to our launch party in April and pay your admission to get in.

Here’s what you need to do BEFORE March 15, 2011:

Complete both steps, as follows.

Step 1. Sign up here, and be sure to check “I Bought Five or More.” We’ll be using the information you enter to email you your invitation to the party.

If you’re already on our mailing list, read the rest of this paragraph. If not, skip down to #2. If you’ve already subscribed with us, our system will recognize you and ask you to click “submit” to receive an email with a link to update your information. Then it’s just a matter of clicking through and checking the box for “I Bought Five or More.” That will register you to receive your invitation, pending your completion of step #2.

Step 2. Send your name* and address, along with your receipt(s) for the books:

Dreams in Action LLC
P.O. Box 488
Idaho Springs, CO 80452

*Be sure to send the same name you use when you sign up, because these will be cross-referenced to verify your purchases.

That’s it! Do those two simple steps, and we’ll see you in Denver!

Details are still being worked out for the party and are subject to change. Your invitation will provide the exact location, time, and date.

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