Preparing for the heat

Desert heat and beautyIn some parts of the U.S., spring is already yielding to summer weather, and someone pointed out recently that I haven’t written too often about heat training, which seems odd given my fondness for racing and tromping around in the hottest place on earth at the hottest time of the year. But it’s not a particularly complex subject, just one with important guidelines.

The following still applies:

It is possible to train, or acclimate to heat. Your body learns to sweat more, your veins come to the surface to aid in cooling, and your kidneys and lymph system learn to retain more sodium and other electrolytes. While humidity is a factor in some places, it is not much of a factor in deserts; less humidity means better evaporative cooling. Continue reading

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Are bad knees inevitable?

Hey, Marsh, I have a question. Recently, I was disappointed to learn what has happened to a friend of mine, since we’ve swapped great stories about  running marathons, ultras, etc. through the years. He’s 70 years old, and he explained to me that he has simply worn out the cartilage in his knees from the thousands and thousands of miles he  has run. Now, he can’t run at all.

Is this what you and I can expect later on if we keep on running?

–Bill P. Continue reading

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Marshall Ulrich Selected for Running Hall of Fame

Next month, Marsh will be inducted into the prestigious Colorado Running Hall of Fame. If you’d like to attend, you can! Tickets are available for purchase from their site,

For our friends in the media: Please let me know if you’d like an interview with this legendary athlete.


Extreme Athlete Marshall Ulrich Selected for
Running Hall of Fame

March 21, 2013, Idaho Springs, CO — In honor of decades of unprecedented athletic achievements, Marshall Ulrich will be inducted next month into the Colorado Running Hall of Fame, which recognizes Colorado residents for their accomplishments and contribution to the sport of distance running. The state has the one of the highest concentrations of world and American record holders and Olympic and world championship medal winners. Past honorees have included Olympians Frank Shorter, Lorraine Moller, and Arturo Barrios.

Ulrich is the only person in the world to have completed the “triple crown” of extreme sports, achieving records and firsts not only in running, but also in mountaineering and adventure racing:

  • Finished more than 125 ultramarathons, averaging over 125 miles each
  • Climbed the Seven Summits, including Mt. Everest, all on first attempts
  • Completed 12 expedition-length adventure races

He’s best known for his hard-core endurance in severe conditions and over incredible distances. At the age of 57, he broke two transcontinental speed records when he ran 3,063.2 miles in 52.5 days, from San Francisco to New York, about which he wrote his book, “Running on Empty” (2011). Continue reading

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