Gobi March Stage 2 – Preliminary Results

Results were just posted on the Gobi March race site http://www.4deserts.com/gobimarch/. To get a message to Marsh or any of the Stray Dogs while they’re in China, visit this site. Under “Race Coverage” select the last item from the drop down list, “Email Competitor.” I know they’d LOVE to hear from you!!

Team Stray Dogs GoLite is definitely consistent… as are the other teams so far. Of course, there are a LOT of miles to cover yet, and I’m guessing that the long stage, Stage 5 on days 5 and 6 will be the most telling.

The Stray Dogs finished Stage 2 in fourth place for the day in 5:32, and are in fourth place overall with a total combined time of 11:17.

Once again, Team No-Limits finished first for the stage in 3:56 and are in first place overall at 8:12.

Team WSPA was again second, at 4:41 and a total of 9:27.

Team Saigon was again third, at 4:45 and a total of 9:54.

Behind the Stray Dogs, team Gobi Canada finished fifth at 6:13 and remain fifth overall with a total of 12:34.

Team China is close sixth with a total time of 12:48.

Other teams range from a total time of 14:00 to Gobi Canada II in last place at 18:14.

Stage 2, Datong Fork, was approximately 22 miles, winding further into a river valley, a steep-sided gorge with fissured mountains rising sharply on both sides in the Tashkurgan Tajik Autonomous Region in China. More on Stage 2 when information is available.

Tomorrow, 25-mile Stage 3: Stairway to Heaven.

Thanks again for checking in! And, be sure to send the Stray Dogs a message from the race Web site.

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