Ulrich with i2P Tunisia – Day 2

Yesterday, April 19th, the i2P Tunisia team drove an hour and a half to the point where they stopped running the day before, enjoying rockin’ Arabic/French music along the way. This was their second full day running across the Sahara. Their goal was to run back to camp, a distance of about 22 miles. While Marshall and the other guides remained on hand to help out, they let the Youth Ambassadors make their own decisions and set their own pace. To better deal with the heat, they decided to run 20 minutes, then do a fast walk for 2 minutes. They covered about 12 miles before lunch, where they stopped for a break (see photo below).

After lunch they came across a herd of dromedaries (one-humped camels) which Andy chased around the desert in his attempt to ride one! As the heat pressed down – again about 90 degrees F, the youth focused on hydrating properly and keeping a consistent pace. They worked together, through the heat of the afternoon, to stay motivated and where thrilled when they crested the hill and saw the camp. The success of teamwork!

After an educational discussion with Doc Affleck about a variety of water issues, Ray had the youth do an experiment: carry 3 gallons, about 25 pounds, of water in a plastic bag thrown over their shoulder around camp to simulate what millions of people in the Sahara, and around the world, have to do every day. Often women and children are sent to get water and carry it miles back to their homes, sometimes several times each day, just to meet minimal needs for hydration, not to mention cooking or hygiene. The youth, young fit athletes, have a new appreciation and understanding of the challenges faced by millions.
Learn more, watch the videos, and check out more pictures at http://impossible2possible.com/tunisia/?s=experience
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