Shoes Donated to Kenya

What a treasure you provided!

A HUGE thanks to everyone who responded so generously by donating shoes to Jackton’s runners in Kenya. We will be leaving for Switzerland tomorrow where Marshall will coach the Olympian Training Camp in Verbier with Jackton. Our luggage includes two large duffels stuffed with 45 pairs of YOUR running shoes! Jackton will take these shoes back to Kenya with him, where he can distribute them to his runners. We know your shoes will be greatly appreciated and put to good use. Our thanks to:

Becky Clements
Cathy Cramer
Bob Gentile
Robert Hester
Elizabeth Holt
Chris Kostman
Melissa Lin
Monica M. Martino
Don Meyer
Kate and Zach Richter
Jim Simone
Dave Van Wicklin
Oleg Varlamov
(name?) Villegas

For those of who mentioned donating shoes, but maybe didn’t get them off to us on time, no worries. We will hold on to any shoes that may arrive after we depart and can donate them to Jackton next year. Or, if you just didn’t them off in the mail, hang on to them, as I know there will be other opportunities to make donations.

Thank you again for turning your trash into a treasure for less-fortunate runners in Kenya. May your thoughtfulness return to you many times over!

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