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The author of Running on Empty, Marshall Ulrich is a versatile, world-class extreme endurance athlete: an ultrarunning icon, Seven Summits mountaineer, and competitive adventure racer. His prolific athletic career has earned him numerous wins, records, and firsts on some of the toughest courses in the world and taken him to the top of the highest mountains on every continent—all in his forties and fifties.

Dubbed by Outside magazine as an Endurance King, he defies the ideas of “too far,” too old, and not possible.

Revered among athletes, Marshall Ulrich is also an acclaimed speaker for conventions, corporate events, and university programs. He has presented at national conferences across the United States and is a Toastmaster and a member of the National Speakers Association.

With inspirational stories, beautiful images and footage from around the world, and life lessons gained from both excruciating loss and extraordinary achievement,
Marshall helps you and your group ...

Discover what you’re made of!


Marshall Ulrich is represented by the Marathon & Beyond Speakers Bureau,
or you can e-mail Marshall directly at catchmarsh@marshallulrich.com.


Speaking Topics

Running on Empty. In 2008 at the age of 57, Marshall Ulrich ran across the United States, completing the mind-bending and body-breaking equivalent of 117 back-to-back marathons in 52.5 days, running an average of more than 400 miles a week. Marshall’s Running on Empty speaking message and the metaphor of the run are universal, whether you’re an athlete or not. It’s about facing forward and taking the next step. It’s about not flinching when the road gets rough or you miss a turn, and about finding another way when the bridge you planned to cross has collapsed. It’s about goal setting and doing what you say you’ll do and not letting anything or anyone stop your progress. Ultimately, it’s about facing the toughest challenges, enduring crushing setbacks, accepting friendship and love, and finding fulfillment.

Everest as a Model for Your Success. Learn to manage your life more effectively: Successful businessman, ultrarunner, adventurer, and Seven Summits mountaineer Marshall Ulrich uses his climb of Mount Everest as a model to show you how to earn the results you desire. He speaks about the need for enduring values, gaining the skills required for success, team building, managing change, and following through on the execution of your plan. Visually exciting and relevant to any business or university group, this presentation excites audiences and inspires them to climb higher in their own lives.

Journeys in Extremes Around the World. World-class athlete Marshall Ulrich takes you from the cold thin air of Mount Everest to the heat of Death Valley, from the frozen ice of Antarctica to the sands of the Sahara, and from the frozen Iditarod trail to the stifling jungles of Borneo to show you that anyone can put their dreams in action. With images from around the world, including movie clips and dynamic photo transitions set to music, Marshall speaks about his accomplishments in ultrarunning, adventure racing, and mountaineering. Going deeper than just the accomplishments themselves, Marshall speaks about what drives him to succeed: Doing for others—inspiring every member of the audience to consider, “What will motivate you?” and “Where will you go to put your dreams in action?”

The Seven Summits, at Age 50+. Having reached the top of each of the Seven Summits, including Mount Everest, all on first attempts and after the age of 50, Marshall Ulrich takes you to the top of each continent, highlighting the harsh, bitter cold environment in Antarctica and the extreme altitude and dangers of the north side of Mount Everest. Proving that health and wellness can extend into retirement, the beauty of the mountains serves as a backdrop for the audience to consider, “What is your mountain?” and “How will you choose to age?”

Preparing for Adventure—A Guide to Training, Hydration, and Nutrition. World-class athlete Marshall Ulrich presents his insights on training, hydration, and nutrition for outdoor activities and sports, including managing extreme environments such as heat, cold, and altitude. He talks about the importance of “real food” versus specially engineered or processed foodstuffs. These guidelines benefit the weekend warrior, avid outdoorsman, or competitive athlete. His insights are based on a decades-long career completing the Triple Crown of Extreme Sports: ultrarunning, adventure racing, and mountaineering.


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(Canada, September 2012)

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(Houston, November 2011)

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"Good Morning Utah!"

(Salt Lake City, July 2011)

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Sample Media

"Circumnavigating Death Valley National Park during the hottest month in U.S. history"Outside

“Inspiration for Runners Over 50”—The New York Times

"Love for the Long Run"—The Sydney Morning Herald

“Running Voices”—NYTimes.com

“Badwater Ultramarathon: 135 Miles In 130-Degree Heat”—CNN

“Two Men, 3,000 Miles, One Country: Running Across America”—Fitness

“Marshall Ulrich, the Man Without Toenails”—ESPN

Marshall Ulrich Sets Record for Running Across America”—Trail Runner Magazine


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